Man Renovates Abandoned Church, Has Shocking News (Video)

Greg Thomas, 57, was given just months to live, after diagnosed with stage IV cancer and received some shocking news after taking on a project to renovate an abandoned church (Video below).

Following his diagnosis, to clear his head Thomas began taking walks every day to an abandoned church with his dog. The church was built more than 150 years ago by Czech settlers and has been abandoned for more than a century. But every day, he would go sit on the church steps and pray.

Thomas admits he tried to open the church several times, but was unable to get inside. Eventually, was able to get in contact with the person responsible for the upkeep of the church’s cemetery. Finally, he was able to enter the church.

Insde the church, Greg saw that it was still preserved from the 1800’s, it needed a lot of work. He made it his mission to restore the church, starting with a new paint job on the outside.

Despite Greg’s deteriorating health he continued on the project of renovating the church.

Now, three years since Thomas’ diagnosis, he got some unbelievable news — his cancer is in remission.

Grateful for getting another chance, Thomas plans to continue the church renovations.

“This is my way of saying thank you,” Thomas told WAVY through tears.

See a video of Greg’s story below: